It is easy to say that virtually anyone can use SUREBET’S Prize Risk Coverage, but it is true. As an example, here are various industries that we have serviced in the past: professional athletes, baseball teams, basketball teams, football teams, hockey teams, corporate sponsors, auto dealers, golf tournament promoters, nightclub & bar, TV & radio, ad agencies, casinos, just to name a few. Whether you are interested in promoting a new product/service, wanting to increase market share through brand awareness, or simply wanting to market your company, SUREBET can provide you the right contest or promotion to fit your needs.

Who Needs Contest Prize Insurance?

Often referred to as hole in one insurance, contest prize insurance can cover almost any type of contest that offers a large prize, and for almost any sport or event. As long as there is a chance that participants may or may not win, or odds as its often called in this business, your contest or event can be protected by prize indemnity insurance and avoid losses.
What events or contests could qualify for prize indemnity insurance?

Here are some examples: