Event Cancellation Coverage

Due to circumstances beyond your control, your event is cancelled. But your financial obligations are not!

When you consider all that can cancel an event…Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes, Terrorism, Wind, Fire, Floods, Transit shutdowns, Collapse of a building or venue, Non-appearance of a main speaker or performer, Communicable Disease…etc. Then add up all the expenses that must be paid regardless of whether or not the event takes place and you might wonder who would be willing to take such risks? SUREBET would welcome the opportunity to cover your expenses.

Event Cancellation coverage protects organizers against the financial impact of their event being cancelled or abandoned. Our event cancellation policies can include coverage for weather, terrorism and the non-appearance of performers and key personnel. Ticket sales, advertising revenues and even sponsorship monies are all sources of revenue that can be protected. At SUREBET, “we insure fun” but we also insure your event is a success!

Eligible Classes

  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Special Events
  • Fairs
  • Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Air Shows
  • Festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Art & Antique Shows
  • Corporate Meetings