Hockey Contest Coverage

At SUREBET we insure fun! You can be sure a fun time will be had by all at your next hockey game, tournament or fundraiser when you have SUREBET in your corner.

SUREBET is a leader in the prize promotions industry.  We have been in business since 1996 making sure you are covered when you want to step up your game by offering contests and prizes at your next sporting event.

SUREBET has paid more than $10,000,000 in prizes to lucky winners and we are underwritten by an A+ rated carrier.

Sports contests are a great way to increase fan attendance, attract attention to your team, motivate your players, or involve current or potential sponsors. We have a promotion to fit your needs and with SUREBET you will get the most value for your promotional dollar.

When you want to add excitement, increase fan attendance or raise money for your charity, choose from one of these contests and let the fun begin.

Golden goal – Offer a sliding grand prize value for the amount of time it takes for your team to score. The quicker your team scores, the bigger the grand prize for a randomly selected fan! Fans can buy raffle tickets for a chance to be the winner. This is a great way to raise money.

Rapid fire – Give your contestant 20 seconds to shoot as many pucks as possible. When they make 15 shots into the net before time is up, they win, and SUREBET pays!

Crease-y-Cash – From center ice, your contestant must stop 2 pucks inside of the goalie crease to win the grand prize, paid for by SUREBET!

Other promotions include: score template shots, bank shots, and dot-to-dot shots. Choose one of these contests or let SUREBET customize a promotion to fit your needs.

Don’t get caught holding the bag when your contestant wins the prize. Call SUREBET and let us cover the prize for only a fraction of the prize amount.