Crack the Code

Crack the Code is an internet promotional game designed by SUREBET which allows a large amount of contestants to have the opportunity to “Crack the Code” and take home the grand prize. Online promotions have become very popular because of their ability to reach such a large audience at once. They are also easy to run, easy for potential customers to participate in and easy to customize to fit your dealership and promotion.

Choose a 4, 5 or 6 digit number combination. When a contestant enters the correct predetermined winning combination, they have cracked the code and win the grand prize. They take home the prize and SUREBET pays! The grand prize can be a brand new car or truck or even a large sum of money.

Online promotions are an exciting way to encourage customers to visit your showroom. SUREBET can design an internet promotion to fit your needs, customized just for you and your current promotion or campaign. When participants register for your online contest, you will be increasing your contact database. Internet promotions such as Crack the Code are a win-win situation for you and your potential customers.