Contest Coverage

Prize Risk Indemnity is a contract whereby one undertakes risk to indemnify (compensate for expenses incurred) another party or pay a specified amount upon determinable contingencies (for example, a successful hole in one, FG Kick, target toss, etc)

SUREBET is proud to be associated and underwritten by a domestic A+ rated carrier.

When you choose SUREBET to cover your prize promotion, you will be able to offer a large grand prize without taking on any risk, SUREBET does that for you.

SUREBET covers over 10,000 golf tournaments, hole-in-one contests, putting contests, sports contests, and casino promotions on an annual basis.

SUREBET works closely with marketing executives across the country to customize large prize contested events to provide more value for the consumer.
SUREBET Prize Indemnity is located in Tampa, FL and has been in business since 1996 with over $10,000,000 in paid claims.

Prize indemnity allows a business, charity, athletic team or other organization to offer promotions and contests with a big payout without the organization having to take on the risk. Grand prize promotions attract business, increase brand awareness, increase donations, give promoters more visibility and attract a larger crowd.

The concept of prize indemnity allows an organization to offer large prizes such as big sums of cash, cruises, boats, cars and more while staying within the budget for the promotion.

Let SUREBET cover the grand prize for your next promotional event. Here’s how it works. You pick the number of contestants, the contest and the prize you would like to offer and let SUREBET do the rest. The amount of the prize will help determine the cost to cover. When you’re ready to order your coverage, simply fill out a short application and our Customer Service Team will execute your contract and send it back to you within 24 hours. Finally, a signed contract, along with payment, received will bind your coverage. Call today for a free quote.