Baseball Contest Promotion Coverage

At SUREBET, we insure fun! SUREBET is a leader in the prize promotion industry. We have been doing business since 1996 and have paid more than $10,000,000 in prizes in that time.

If you want to take your next sporting event to another level, you can be sure SUREBET will be there to help you. We cover much more than hole in one contests, putting contests and million dollar shoot-outs. We also cover prizes for all kinds of sports contests.

Sports contests are a great way to increase fan attendance, attract attention to your team, motivate your players, or involve current or potential sponsors. We have a promotion to fit your needs and with SUREBET you will get the most value for your promotional dollar.

Add excitement to your next baseball or softball game, tournament or opening day. These contests can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Choose from one of the contests below or we can customize a promotion just for you.

Three Strikes You Win – Your selected contestant will attempt to throw 3 strikes into an enlarged target opening. If he makes all three, he wins the grand prize and SUREBET pays.

T-Ball Treasure – Contestants take a swing at winning the prize by attempting to score 12 points with 5 swings off the tee. Each ball that lands in the infield is worth 1 point. Balls landing in the outfield are worth 2 points and if the ball comes to rest in the warning track it is worth 4 points.

Grand Slam Inning – This contest brings another level of excitement to the game if a randomly selected fan wins the prize when your team hits a grand slam during the selected inning.

Other promotions and contests include Back to Back Jacks, Hit for the Cycle, Strike Out the Side and Triple Play Inning. Choose from one of these or let SUREBET customize a promotion just for you.

Call SUREBET today for a quote and make sure your next baseball game or event is one to remember.