Chipping Contest Coverage

Thousands of promotional and charitable golf tournaments are played every year across the country. Set yourself apart and add fun and competitive excitement to your next golf tournament by adding a chipping contest.

The addition of a chipping contest that gives an opportunity to win a large prize can attract more players, increase sponsorship, increase brand awareness and add to the overall revenue of the tournament.

Each player can pay a small entry or per shot fee. Players will have the opportunity to chip a ball from 50’, 75’ or 100’.  The winner will be the participant who sinks the shot from the respective distance.

Including an attention getting prize will attract players and encourage community involvement. This is a great contest to hold prior to the start of your tournament, and will make your golf tournament more interesting.

At SUREBET, we insure fun! And we can cover an exciting prize for your chipping contest for just pennies on the dollar.

Since 1996, SUREBET has paid over 8,000,000 dollars in claims. That is experience you can count on.

SUREBET offers competitive quotes, excellent customer service and attention to detail. When you decide to add a contest with a big prize to your tournament, call SUREBET for a quote. Our quotes are competitive and the process is easy.

First determine how many participants you want for the contest. With that information along with the prize value that you would like to offer, you are ready to fill out a short application. Within 24 hours our efficient customer service team will have a contract ready for your review.

In addition to prize coverage we can also produce signage for your tournament. Providing signage will increase awareness for your sponsors, which they will certainly appreciate. Sponsors can also choose to become more visible by having a representative staff the chipping contest. This is a great way to get everyone involved.

If you want to be sure that your next golf tournament will be successful, call SUREBET for a quote and get ready to stand out from the crowd.