Radio Contest Coverage

Contests are a prized way to increase listenership and create excitement around a radio station. You really do want someone to walk away with the grand prize because a grand prize winner generates even more attention than a contest with no grand prize winner. But what happens when it’s time for you to pay out the grand prize? You don’t have to worry because with SUREBET on your side, you are covered. SUREBET will pay the grand prize for only pennies on the dollar.

When you are ready to offer a grand prize through a promotional radio contest you can create your own promotion or SUREBET can help customize a contest that will fit your needs. Here are some fresh ideas for radio contests.


Your listeners have a chance to win when your home team wins the Super Bowl, NCAA Championship, World Series, Stanley Cup, etc. When you have a winner, SUREBET pays!

Dice Rolls

Customize this unique contest for a promotion that stands out among the typical radio contests. Let SUREBET customize dice with your call letters on them. When a listener qualifies for a dice roll, he gets to roll the dice and if the call letters come up in order, you have a winner, and SUREBET pays.

Money Bags

Looking for a fresh contest that’s different from the same old thing? Try Money Bags.  Distribute money bags throughout your listening area. During a designated time, listeners will have a chance to register for a drawing. One lucky person will get to pick the “lucky” money bag. If the listener picks the predetermined lucky bag, they win, and SUREBET pays!

Big Play Contest

This is a headline-worthy way to get listeners who are involved in sports in your city to participate in a fun contest promotion. Listeners have a chance to win when your home team returns a kick-off for a TD, intercepts a pass for a TD, recovers a fumble for a TD or blocks a punt for a TD. When you have a winner, SUREBET pays.

These are just a few ideas. Promotions can be customized and your imagination is the only limit. If you can think of it, SUREBET can cover it.