Dice Rolls

Dice Rolls are an exciting way to increase foot traffic, sales and draw a large crowd during show room promotions, grand openings or even trade show exhibitions. Dice Rolls can be used for just about any promotion, anywhere because they are so easy to set up and run.

For the dice roll promotion, SUREBET will customize a set of dice with the word of your choice. Choose words such as W-I-N-N-E-R or Y-O-U W-I-N or the name of the model and/ or make of a car such as L-E-X-U-S. When a customer rolls the correct word, they take home the grand prize and SUREBET pays!

This promotion is one that is sure to create excitement. Think Vegas and consider setting up a casino-like area in your showroom or trade booth. Advertise the promotion in advance and crowds will gather to watch as prospective customers try their hand at the dice game. Prizes can range from discounts and rebates to even bigger prizes such as a brand new car. When one of your customers walks away a grand prize winner, SUREBET PAYS!

The options with this contest are endless. Let SUREBET help you customize a dice roll promotion that will be sure to attract attention.