Television Contest Coverage

You can depend on SUREBET for your next television promotion contest. Whether you are looking to promote your television station or you are a sponsor of a station or affiliate SUREBET can make sure you are covered for only pennies on the dollar when you offer your next promotion contest on television.

At SUREBET, we insure fun!  And we have been doing it since 1996. SUREBET is underwritten by an A+ rated carried and you can depend on us to give you the most value for your promotional dollar.

When planning a promotional contest for television, the sky is the limit. If you can imagine it, we can cover it. Create your own unique promotional contest or use one of the following ideas.

Home Team Victory

When your home team wins the big game, whether it is the Super Bowl, World Series, NCAA Championship or the Stanley Cup, SUREBET will pay for all purchases made during a certain sales period. When SUREBET pays, everyone wins!

Big Play Contest

When your home team scores a big play, such as returning the kick-off for a touchdown or recovering a fumble for a touchdown, you audience has a chance to win and SUREBET pays.

But contests such as these don’t need to be limited to touchdowns. This type of contest is also perfect for high scoring basketball players on the home team, home-team baseball players who hit a certain amount of homeruns or hockey players who score a certain number of goals. It can even be used with other broadcast events that are not sports related. Viewers can register on the television station’s or sponsor’s website for a chance to win a contest during any type of big event being broadcast. Even the Academy Awards can offer a promotional contest opportunity if viewers register to correctly guess the winners in different categories.

Let SUREBET help you design the perfect promotion for your television station.  SUREBET will cover the cost of your next attention grabbing promotional contest with a big payout and we will do it for just pennies on the dollar. Call SUREBET today for a quote.