Why use SUREBET?

When looking for a Prize Risk Indemnity Company, look no further than SUREBET. We pride ourselves in providing market competitive quotes, superior customer service with attention to detail, along with the financial strength that can give you peace of mind. All of this provides you the most value and security for your promotional event!

What forms of payment does SUREBET accept?

Acceptable forms of payment are VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and by check.

How long does it take to issue a contract for coverage?

HIO can be done the day prior to the tournament date. In terms of specialty events, depending upon the complexity, time can range anywhere from one day to twenty-one days prior to the event date.

What is SUREBET’s underwriter rating?

SUREBET’s underwriter is rated A+XV
(A+ = Superior, XV= over $2 Billion)

Does SUREBET offer any form of liability coverage?

While SUREBET does not personally write this type of coverage, we are more than happy to refer a prospect to someone we know and, more importantly, we trust.

Does SUREBET operate under any sort of prize limitation?

SUREBET has the authority to write up to 1 million in coverage per contract, but also has the ability to secure up to 25 million in capacity, if needed.

What happens when someone wins a prize?

When you have a winner, SUREBET will conduct a reasonable investigation into the claim which includes, but is not limited to, supplying claim forms to be completed by the appropriate parties, and speaking with the winner and contest witnesses for verification.