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Hole in One Contest Coverage and More...

SUREBET Prize Corp. is a proud leader in the Prize Promotions and Prize Indemnity Insurance Industry, and is underwritten by an A+ rated carrier. SUREBET covers over 10,000 golf tournaments, hole-in-one contests, putting contests, sports contests, and casino promotions on an annual basis. SUREBET works closely with marketing executives across the country to customize large prize contested events to provide more value for the consumer. 

SUREBET Prize Corp. is located in Tampa, FL and has been in business since 1996 with over $10,000,000 in paid claims. SUREBET, on average, pays over 75 hole-in-one claims per year.

Fundraising Events Prize Indemnity

Add excitement to your next promotional event by offering a large prize such as a car, boat, trip or cold, hard cash. Prize indemnity insurance for your fundraiser gives charities, churches or non-profits the opportunity to offer promotions and contests with a big payout without the organization having to take on the risk.

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Types of Contests

There are many options when it comes to hosting a promotional event with a large prize.

Other promotional events include specialty promotions such as contingency rebates and dice rolls for the auto industry, scratch cards and lucky card picks for the entertainment industry and money bags and dice rolls for trade shows.

This is just a small sampling of promotional games and prizes that can be offered at literally any promotional or fundraising event to increase interest, draw customers and donations and create sponsor visibility.

SUREBET can help you with your next promotional event by helping to cover the cost of your attention grabbing contest with a big payout and we can do this for just pennies on the dollar. Call SUREBET today for a quote and add that next level of excitement to your event.

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