Trade Shows Game Coverage

Give your tradeshow booth an extra boost with a promotional contest. Promotional contests are a great way to attract foot traffic to your business and it is no different for your trade show. If you want to get noticed a promotional contest will do the trick.

When you offer a promotional game at your tradeshow booth, you won’t be caught holding the bag if you have a winner because SUREBET will take all the risk for you. SUREBET is underwritten by an A+ carrier and you can be sure that you will get the most bang for your promotional buck.

SUREBET can help you come up with the perfect contest for your promotional tradeshow booth needs or you can choose from some popular contests including:

  • Dice Rolls-SUREBET can customize a set of dice specifically for you with your company name. When a visitor comes to your booth, give them a chance to roll the dice and come up with your company’s name. For example, if your name is SUREBET and visitor rolls S U R B E T they win, and SUREBET pays!
  • Money Bags-Money bags is a game everyone can get excited about and a sure way to attract visitors to your booth. Scatter money bags throughout your booth space. When visitors come by during a specified period of time, they get to register for a random drawing. At the end of the day, one lucky visitor will get to come back and choose a money bay. If they pick the lucky bag, they win, and SUREBET pays!

Participating in trade shows is a great way to showcase your business so don’t miss out on an opportunity to increase traffic to your booth with a promotional contest.  When you trust SUREBET to cover your promotional contest you can get peace of mind for just pennies on the dollar.