Insure Fundraising Events: Non-Profits, Churches, Charities

Fundraising Events Prize Indemnity

You can add big-time excitement and anticipation by offering big prizes, such as automobiles, boats, vacations or even cash! But don’t allow your charity, church or non-profit to take the risk of a large payout from a fundraiser event! With Surebet you can offer these promotional and contest prizes knowing if there is a payout, we will cover it!

You want your event to be as successful as possible. Promotional events offer an opportunity to create brand awareness and draw new customers. Your church, non-profit or charitable organization can create awareness and increase donations, but if you don’t have to pay out the big prize if it is insured with Surebet.

Offering cash or other large prizes is a sure way to increase interest in your event or fundraiser. It can be an important part of your overall marketing strategy.

A large cash prize contest is attention getting.  Everyone wants to win the big prize and this adds to the competitive excitement and brings a community together.

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