Tampa, FL – April 14, 2008 – SUREBET Prize Indemnity (SUREBET) announces a recent Payout during an Insured Hockey Contest.

Fan scores big in NHL Oldtimers Game:
MacMillan’s shot wins him a vehicle

When Bernie MacMillan headed to the arena to watch the NHL Oldtimers take on the Leamington Police in a charity hockey game Saturday evening, he expected to see some awesome goal scoring.

But one thing he didn’t expect was that he would score the most amazing goal of the night.

When MacMillan’s program number was drawn for the shootout, he headed down to ice level to prepare, more worried about walking out on the ice and falling on his face, than taking the actual shot.

He admittedly hasn’t played hockey in a while and decided to just go out there and give it his best.

And his best was more than enough. The first shooter, MacMillan leaned over and let the shot go from just outside the defensive blue line.

He watched intently, barely able to see the opening in the template at the other end of the ice.

“I couldn’t believe it,” MacMillan said, when the roar went up in the crowd as the puck slid through the tiny opening.

The NHL legends were just as impressed as everyone else. They flew off their bench to congratulate the winner of a new vehicle.

Players for the Leamington Police were also in disbelief, then raced over to high-five the 40-year-old MacMillan.

Given the choice of four vehicles, MacMillan chose the Jeep.

“I don’t know why,” he said, “I guess it’s because it kind of looks like a Hummer.”

He said he attends the charity hockey game each year and was certainly glad he did this year.