Why It Works

Prize contesting is an exciting, effective marketing tool. It helps to create brand awareness and encourages community involvement. Prize contesting is one of the best ways to get your name out in the community. And now for the best part. Making it happen will only cost you pennies on the dollar.

Giving participants the chance to win a large sum of cash, car, boat, jewelry or exotic trip will create excitement around your business, product or non-profit organization. Surebet makes it possible and affordable to offer this attention-getting prize.

Without Surebet prize indemnity coverage, you would find yourself leveraging your sponsorship dollars. No one wants to do that. Instead, let Surebet make it affordable for you to offer an attention-getting prize without leveraging anything, only reaping the benefits.

With Surebet on your side, you can offer that large prize promotion without taking any risk. And your promotion can be completely customized to fit the needs of your business or non-profit. If you are a professional athletic organization, local sports team automobile dealer, golf tournament, nightclub, bar, casino, non-profit organization and much, much more, Surebet has the experience to make large prize promotions a reality for you!