SUREBET Prize Indemnity Announces Weather Promotion $21,000 Winner!

Tampa, FL – February 5, 2008 – SUREBET Prize Indemnity (SUREBET) announces a recent $21,000 Payout during an Insured Weather Promotion.

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” That’s what customers of a local Cedar Rapids Pool & Spa supplier hoped for. For several weeks, the Pool & Spa supplier promoted that anyone that came in and made a purchase, would have a chance for a rebate on their purchase should it snow more than 4″ on a specific day in January. And when it snowed more than 4″ on that date in January, all purchases were rebated back to their customers, all covered by SUREBET.

With all of the promotion and the chance to have a rebated purchase, it prompted the Manager of the Pool & Spa to state “We have received tremendous attention from all of our local TV Stations. We couldn’t have bought better publicity.”

So does the Pool & Spa company plan to do this type of promotion again? “Absolutely”, says the Manager, “this is a no-brainer”.