SUREBET Prize Indemnity Announces Colts vs. Bears Big Game $10,000 Winner!

Tampa, FL – February 9, 2007 – SUREBET Prize Indemnity (SUREBET) announces a recent $10,000 Payout during The Big Game.

While most of the general public was getting ready to watch The Big Game from the comfort of their own homes, a local Miami, FL bar thought to entice patrons to visit their establishment and have a chance to win Big Cash! During the two weeks leading up to The Big Game, the local bar advertised throughout the local community with posters and magazine ads. When customers came through the doors on that Sunday, they were asked to fill out a “register to win” form for their chance to win. 

With all of the promotion and the chance to win money, it prompted Jay Love, Managing General Partner of Hooligan’s Oyster Bar & Grill to state “We couldn’t have put another person in our establishment. We had tremendous crowd excitement, and the feeling in the building was incredible.”

As attendees were ordering their drinks and appetizers, Devin Hester promptly returned the opening game kickoff for a touchdown, which on this Sunday, and for Hooligan’s, it meant a $10,000 winner was about to be announced, paid by SUREBET. Mr. Love immediately made the crowd aware that there would be a $10,000 winner, to be selected immediately after the game’s conclusion. As the final seconds ticked off the clock, and Peyton Manning was hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, Hooligan’s and Jay Love were announcing their very own $10,000 winner!

Said Jay Love, “When Devin Hester broke free, and we knew he was on his way to a touchdown, the crowd started to go crazy as if the Miami Hurricanes had just won the National Title.”

As a further bonus, Hooligan’s was also able to pay $100 to a customer for the Colts returning an interception back for a touchdown, also paid by SUREBET.