Direct Mail

The effectiveness of a direct mail promotion can be increased with the addition of an exciting contest. Let SUREBET help you create a unique, customized direct mail contest and cover the grand prize for one lucky winner when they visit your dealership on the selected day.

Direct mail can have a bigger impact on your bottom line and increase interest in your dealership when you include a contest. A special promotion will encourage prospective customers to visit your showroom on a certain day for a chance at claiming the grand prize. The possibilities are endless and SUREBET can help you create a customized contest or you can pick from one of these popular direct mail contests.

Lucky Number Match

For the lucky number match contest, each mailer should be printed with a special number. When the customer brings their mailer to the dealership, and their number matches a predetermined winning number, they bring home the grand prize and SUREBET pays! This works well not only with direct mail but also with newspaper inserts. The lucky number match contest is a great way to increase traffic to your showroom.

Key Mailer

The key mailer contest works in a similar way to the lucky number match but instead of matching a winning number, customers will try to match a key with a lock. Include either a real or fabricated key with each piece of direct mail. When a customer brings the key into the showroom, the lucky holder of the winning key will be able to unlock a car or a vault containing keys to a brand new car. They walk away with the grand prize and SUREBET pays!

Keyless Remote

The keyless remote promotion works just like the key mailer promotion but instead includes a keyless remote on each piece of direct mail. If the lucky customer holding the winning remote comes into the showroom it will either start a car or open the doors. They win the grand prize and SUREBET pays.

The possibilities for direct mail contests are endless. Let SUREBET help you design the perfect promotion for your dealership.