Soccer Contest Coverage

When you want to add competitive excitement to your next soccer match or tournament, look no further than SUREBET.

At SUREBET, we insure fun! We’ve been at it since 1996, paying more than $10,000,000 in promotional prizes. SUREBET is underwritten by an A+ rated carrier and we cover over 10,000 prizes annually.  You can count on us to give you the most value for your promotional dollar.

Sports contests add a level of competitive excitement to your soccer match. Hosting contests also helps bring the community together and get your fans more involved in the action. Sports contests can be a brilliant way to motivate your players or involve current or potential sponsors. They can also provide a boost to fundraising.

Let SUREBET help you take your next soccer event to another level with one of these fun contests.

Soccer challenge – The contestant will start at the goal line, traveling towards the opposite goal. First they throw the ball with 2 hands over their head; next, they will punt the ball, and then kick it into the enlarged opening. If your contestant scores the goal, they win the prize, paid for by SUREBET!

Rapid fire –  Choose a contestant to take a shot at scoring 15 goals in 20 seconds. If they make it, they win, and SUREBET pays!

Bills in the box – From mid-field your contestant must stop 2 balls inside the goalie box to win the grand prize, paid for by SUREBET!

Your next soccer match or fundraiser is sure to be a smashing success with SUREBET in your corner. Don’t get caught holding the bag when your contestant wins the prize. Call SUREBET and let us cover the prize for only a fraction of the prize amount.

Other promotions include: truck bed kick, golden goal, template kicks, and goal post kicks. Choose one, or let SUREBET customize a promotion to fit your needs.