Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a fun, customizable way to add excitement to your next direct mail campaign or insert but they are also a great promotion tool on their own. With scratch cards, everyone who plays has a chance to win the grand prize.

Give your customers a shot at the grand prize when they visit your dealership and earn a chance to win on a customized scratch card. Prizes can be anything from cash to a new car or truck. Let SUREBET provide you with customized cards and when you have a grand prize winner, SUREBET pays!

If you do not have a scratch card winner keep your customers excited and on their toes with a second chance drawing. Customers can write their contact information on their losing card and enter it into a drawing for a second chance at winning. You will win too when you build your contact database from information customers give in order to enter the contest.

A variation on the scratch off card lottery game is the Lucky Lotto promotion. With lucky lotto, everyone gets a second chance. The day after state lottery numbers have been revealed, your dealership chooses a new set of winning lottery numbers. If a customer visits your dealership with a lottery ticket matching the new numbers, they win the grand prize and SUREBET pays!