Score Prediction Contests

Creating excitement around the big game or another thrilling current event will help generate excitement for your next showroom promotion or other big sales event. Here’s how it works.

Advertise the contest along with your promotion or event and let customers know they can register to win the grand prize. All they have to do is make the correct prediction. That doesn’t sound too difficult and it’s fun! There are endless possibilities for running this type of contest. Popular score prediction contests include:

  • Guess the correct half-time or final score
  • Guess who is going to win the “big game”
  • Guess the correct point spread
  • March Madness game predictions
  • Predict the top 5 race finishers
  • Predict the winners of an awards show such as the Grammys, Academy Awards, etc.
  • Correctly predict the Dow closing

You can come up with your own idea for a score prediction contest or SUREBET can help you customize the perfect contest to fit your current promotion. Winners can include anyone who correctly makes a prediction or you can draw one final contestant’s name before the big event and that person will win the grand prize if they made the correct prediction. The grand prize can be anything from a significant rebate on a purchase made that day to a brand new car or truck. If you have a winner, SUREBET pays!