Rebates Coverage

At SUREBET, we insure fun! SUREBET is a leader in the prize promotion industry. We’ve been in the business since 1996, paying more than $10,000,000 in promotional prizes. SUREBET is underwritten by an A+ rated carrier and we cover over 10,000 prizes annually. That is experience you can be sure of. You can count on us to give you the most value for your promotional dollar.

Increase sales and attract new customers by offering an exciting rebate. SUREBET can help you design a rebate program that is sure to be a hit.

Promotions such as rebate programs offer an opportunity to create brand awareness and draw new customers.

This is how it works. Advertise that your business or organization is offering a rebate for a specific time period such as a particular week or a whole month. If your customers make a purchase during the specified time, and your home team (NFL, NHL, MLB, etc) then goes on to win the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup or other championship, everyone who made a purchase during the specified time qualifies for a rebate, and SUREBET pays!

The rebate can be a specified amount of money, a percentage of the purchase price or a full rebate of the entire purchase price! It is completely up to you. Get creative to attract new customers or you can call on SUREBET to help you design a rebate program that is right for you.

With SURBET’s rebate program, you can’t go wrong. Don’t get caught holding the bag when your home team wins the championship and your customers qualify for their rebate. SUREBET can pay, and it will cost you only pennies on the dollar.

With SUREBET you can be worry free. Our experience since 1996, attention to detail and excellent customer service will put you at ease so you can offer the ultimate rebate during your next sales event.

Call SUREBET today for a free quote and you can be sure that your next sales event will be a smashing success!