Number Guess

The Number Guess is a game most people are familiar with yet it is still a crowd drawing game and can literally fit in with any promotion or campaign you are running.

There are many ways to play the Number Guess game. Fill the trunk of a car or truck with literally any small object you can think of. Let the object reflect the theme of the promotion if you wish. The possibilities are endless. Fill the trunk or truck bed with ping pong balls, baseballs, keys, pennies, bottle caps or anything else you can think of. The car or truck that you fill can then become the grand prize when one lucky person guesses the number of items in the car or truck. You can also offer a sizeable rebate or large sum of cash as the grand prize.

This game works great to draw visitors and potential customers into your showroom but it is also a fabulous way to draw a crowd to your tradeshow booth. Here you probably won’t have room to fill a car or truck with small items so you can use a large jar. Fill it with keys and when the lucky winner picks the right number of keys in the jar, one of those keys can start a brand new car or truck. When a contestant wins the grand prize, SUREBET pays!