Money Bags

If you want to create Vegas style excitement in your trade show booth or showroom include a contest like money bags. If advertised prior to your show or promotional event, money bags will increase attendance and interest in your dealership. Here’s how it works.

Scatter “money bags” around your showroom or tradeshow booth. Customers have the chance to register for a random drawing. The winner of the drawing has the chance to return to your booth or showroom for the opportunity to choose the winning money bag. If your customer gets lucky, SUREBET pays!

The options are endless for creating a money bags contest. SUREBET can help you customize the contest to fit the needs of your dealership. Customers can qualify for the chance to choose a money bag in many ways including registration for a random drawing or by making a purchase. You can have one winning money bag or each bag can contain a small prize with only one bag containing the grand prize. This way, you will have a winner no matter what.

When you are ready to take your promotional event to the next level with an exciting contest like money bags, SUREBET won’t let you get caught holding the bag.