Golf Putt

The golf putt is a classic contest popular at many promotional events. It’s fun and always sure to draw a large crowd. Everyone wants a chance to show off their skills and maybe even win a new car or truck.

For the golf putt you will be selecting one finalist who will attempt to sink a 65 foot putt for the grand prize. Potential contestants register to be the finalist who gets to take the putt. This is an effective way to build your database of contacts while drawing a lot of foot traffic to your showroom or auto show. Choose one finalist with a random drawing of all the people who visited your showroom or tradeshow booth and registered for the contest.

The chosen finalist gets one shot only to sink the 65 foot putt. If the lucky contestant sinks the putt, he wins the grand prize and SUREBET pays!

The grand prize can be anything from a new car or truck to a large sum of cash. Large contest prizes such as these are sure to draw foot traffic into the showroom. SUREBET can help you customize your golf putt contest to fit the needs of any promotion or campaign you are running. With promotional contests the possibilities are endless. Only the sky is the limit. Let SUREBET show you how you can increase your bottom line with customized contests for your next promotion.