Direct Mail Contests Coverage

Nearly any business can benefit from a direct mail contest. Direct mail contests are effective tools for bringing more foot traffic through your door.  SUREBET will be there to cover the big prize if someone wins. For just pennies on the dollar, you can have the peace of mind you need to offer an exciting, big prize direct mail promotional contest.

Feel free to let SUREBET help you design a custom contest that will fit your needs or you can choose from one of the following popular promotional contests.

Number Match Promotions

Advertisers sent to your mailing list will have sequential numbers on them. The recipient of the mailer with a predetermined winning number will have a time frame in which they can come to your place of business and claim their prize.  When you have a winner, SUREBET pays! This is a great way to introduce new customers to your business.

Key Mailer

A mailer is sent to people on your mailing list, each containing an identical key. One key will be predetermined to be the key that will fit a special treasure box. Customers who visit your business with their key will have a chance to see if their key is the “winner.” When that winner presents the special key, SUREBET pays.

Drivers License Match

This is a perfect promotion for an automobile dealer.  Every single person to walk in your door during a designated time period will have a chance at winning the grand prize. Each person has a chance to match the last six digits of their driver’s license number to the last six digits of a predetermined winning number. If someone has the lucky six digits, they are the big winner and SUREBET pays.

These are just a few options for direct mail promotional contests. If you can dream it, SUREBET can cover it. You can count on us to give you the most value for your promotional dollar. Call SUREBET today for a quote.