Conditional Rebates

Conditional rebates are a favorite contest option for increasing foot traffic and increasing sales. There are many popular ways to run a conditional rebate promotion but really, if you can dream it, you can do it. There are no limits to the imaginative ways you can choose to run this promotion. SUREBET can help you customize a promotion to fit your needs or you can pick from one of these tried and true suggestions.

Home Team Rebates

A great way to run the conditional rebate program is to center it on a local sporting event. This is a perfect opportunity to increase traffic to your business while supporting your home team. Choose a period of time for the promotion, then when your home team wins the big game, hits a grand slam, scores a defensive touchdown or accomplishes some other chosen goal, every customer who made a purchase during the selected period of time either receives a rebate or a refund of the full purchase price and SUREBET pays.

Weather Event Rebates

A conditional rebate promotion can also be played using Mother Nature. Choose a specific time period and weather event, such as 6 inches of snow on a particular day. If the weather event occurs on the chosen day, than every customer who made a purchase during the indicated time period receives a rebate or full refund of the purchase price and SUREBET pays!

Current Events

Conditional rebates can be played using any local current event. If there is a local or current event that you would like to use for your conditional rebate promotion, SUREBET can help you customize a contest.